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grievances & complaints


Let us assist you to find an agreeable resolution for your employee’s workplace grievances and complaints before they escalate to an external tribunal.

We understand that every issue has a particular set of circumstances and sensitives.  We will ensure we have a holistic understanding of the situation before providing you with advice and options for you to decide how you best want to manage your business.  In the event a dispute has escalated, Rightwork Solutions can advocate for you in the Fair Work Commission.


employment contracts

Rightwork Solutions can assist you to draft compliant contracts that meet the legislative minimum employment standards as well as provide advice and support in relation to existing contracts.  As part of our HR Audit we can also spot check the contracts you specify to ensure Award / Agreement compliance and recommend updates.

management of ill & injured employees

Rightwork Solutions can provide you with advice and support on how best to manage your ill & injured employees.  We understand the Victorian Workcover system and your legal obligations as an employer. We have had experience in supporting injured workers back to the workplace, transitioning employees to alternative positions as well as advice on the best management pathway for long term ill and injured employees.

general ir / er advice


Need advice on the interpretation of an Award or Agreement Clause?  Not sure if your organisation is meeting your requirements? Please give us a call to assist.


performance management & termination


Unfortunately, not all employees are created equal.

We can assist you with a plan to get your employee to your required standard.  In the event this is not able to be achieved, Rightwork Solutions can provide you with clear and supportive advice on how to manage the employee’s dismissal fairly.

What about misconduct?  In the unfortunate event you have had an employee commit misconduct in your organisation we can help you to determine the seriousness and navigate a management pathway to ensure your business is covered.

In the case that you have already dismissed an employee and it hasn’t gone to plan, let Rightwork Solutions assist you to remedy the situation.  We are experienced advocates in Fair Work Commission conciliations.


union engagement & enterprise agreements

The relationship does not always have to be adversarial.  Let us help you develop strategies and tactics to better consult and engage with your workforce’s advocates.

Rightwork Solutions is also available to assist you to develop your bargaining strategy, support with negotiations, drafting of Agreement clauses, right through to implementation.


organisational restructure & redundancies


Hiring another person is not always the best solution to ease workplace pressures.

Rightwork Solutions provides a service to review your organisations current operating structure and make recommendations on ways to achieve your objectives, whether that be to better distribute workload and ease pressure, work more effectively & efficiently or save on costs.

We can provide advice on your legal obligations in relation to redundancy and then support you and your employees through the process.

every employment issue with your people  has a considered solution

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