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Workplace Health Check

A Workplace Health Check may be required for businesses who feel they have a problem with employee culture, engagement or morale but don’t have an understanding of why.  The goal of a Health Check is to explore and understand the situation and then to give practical and strategic advice and interventions to resolve workplace problems.

The Workplace Health Check process involves:

  • Creating a defined health check questionnaire.  Areas commonly explored are the employee’s experiences in the workplace of their management, accountability, teamwork, communication, trust and culture.
  • Conducting one on one interviews with your staff
  • Producing a confidential, de-identified report
  • Reviewing the recommendations and creating a prioritised plan

A Health Check is a positive exercise designed to diagnose issues and then define a plan to remedy them.  Employees should see it as a supportive and encouraging opportunity provided to them to affect genuine change in their work environment.


policies & Procedures

Rightwork Solutions can review and update your existing policies & procedures as well as write new policies and documentation to keep up with new and emerging trends in employment law.

Flexible Employment, Domestic Violence Leave and Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policies are all emerging as new policy requirements for businesses.  Does your business need to look at these areas?  Let us help.


hr projects

Have your own amazing HR team but have bitten off more than you can chew? Perhaps you have specialised project requiring specific expertise?

Rightwork Solutions can slot into your team to complete dedicated project and / or portfolio work.  We will work to your timeframe to exceptional standards.

We are available to come on site to your business or work remotely to help you out.


HR / IR Mentoring and Advice

Many SMEs rightly hire an HR Administrator to take care of their day to day HR requirements.  There will be occasions though that the experience and expertise of an Administrator may not be enough to solve your workplace issue.  Rightwork Solutions can provide meaningful mentoring and advice to your HR staff.  We can set up a system of support to suit your staff and business’ needs, without standing on anyone’s toes.

position descriptions

Clear position descriptions are a must for every organisation.  They are:

  • The guideline of your requirements of the job
  • What remuneration is based on
  • Used as the baseline should performance management ever be required.

Let Rightwork Solutions take the hassle of position description review and writing away from you.  We will tailor an individual consultative process based on your business’ needs to ensure the most efficient and cost effective outcome.



Let Rightwork Solutions assist you to determine what to pay your people.

We can review your remuneration schedule against the relevant award or agreement to ensure compliance.

If you are recruiting to a role, we can do the market analysis to ensure you are pitching the salary at the right level to attract you best possible candidate.

Rightwork Solutions can also assist you with remuneration & benefits policy to meet your business’ strategic needs


onboarding & induction

Recruiting a new employee costs a business thousands. The best way to ensure the best possible start for your new recruit is to on-board or induct them to your organisation properly.

Rightwork Solutions can design you a tailored induction program to cover off all of your regulatory and safety compliance requirements as well as ensure your new team member feels welcomed to their new organisation.


workcover & rtw assistance

Rightwork Solutions can assist you with practical advice to navigate your workers compensation obligations.

We understand the process and can coach you to ensure your injured employee recieves the best support to minimise the claim and get your employee back to work as soon as they’re able to.

We can help you to identify safe duties compliant with any restrictions and to craft a suitable return to work (RTW) plan.


exit interviews

A tool many business use to collate metrics and feedback for their continuous improvement.  We can write you a template to use, or should you wish, we can conduct the exit interview with your departing employee as an independent third party.
Australia's premier HR Platform

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) can streamline, integrate and simplify your HR compliance and administration obligations. 

Rightwork Solutions is a certified partner and trainer of Employment Hero, Australia’s premier HR platform for SMEs. 

Introducing a HRIS like Employment Hero has clear financial and productivity efficiencies for many businesses.   

Why Employment Hero?

  • One button integration with most small business Payroll Packages including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks.
  • Electronic on-boarding – Have your new starter job ready and compliant day 1. They sign their contract online, fill out their own personal and bank details, tax and superannuation and then complete your induction program and policies in their own time.
  • Automated timesheets and leave requests – Your employees enter their timesheets/leave into the system or on an app on their own phones, you approve with one swipe and it then flows through to your Payroll system. No more manual data entry.
  • Automated Employment Contracts, Policies and HR Documents all written by employment lawyers giving you piece of mind.
  • Paperless Employee Files, upload all the documents and remove the risk of privacy breaches through unsecured paper files.
  • Access to amazing employee benefits through Employment Hero’s purchasing power.
  • So much more!

professional, reliable, organised HR SERVICES.  rightwork  solutions gets it.

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