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Long story short

We hear so often from businesses that management of their people and people related issues are their greatest stress.  They are worried about handling matters wrongly and landing in hot water.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Rightwork Solutions is the result of extensive feedback from Regional Employers that they need help with:

  • on-boarding and ensuring the contracts terms and conditions offered are correct
  • help to ensure they have the right policies & procedures in place to ensure they are compliant and keeping their people safe
  • help getting to the bottom of complaints through a fair and non-biased investigation
  • help to work out what is the best way to resolve a complaint
  • help with performance management
  • help with terminating employees fairly and legally
  • help with ensuring jobs are designed, and the organisation’s structure is right

Rightwork Solutions exists to provide this help in an expert, timely and reliable fashion.

Let us help you ensure you get the people stuff right.

Lauren Baker

Principal Consultant

With a successful career in specialist industrial relations & human resources roles, Lauren brings a wealth of expertise to your business.

Lauren is commercially focused and recognises industrial relations and human resources’ strategic role within an organisation.  She is a highly skilled and qualified investigator who values a fair outcome.

“She takes a proactive approach, thriving in challenging and interactive environments and pragmatically solves people issues.”

Lauren will listen.  Every organisation has their own unique needs and is provided with dedicated, tailored support.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You


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